I am a dedicated, driven student and entrepreneur with the project experience and educational qualifications to create tailored technical solutions. I enjoy working with cutting edge technology such as AWS, Node on the server, and Lightning Web Components on SFDC. I am quietly confident, naturally curious, and perpetually working on improving my technical and professional skills one project at a time.


I am a self taught programmer passionate about solving problems and pain points with technology. Being able to code is like having a superpower that I never knew existed.

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Before I could walk I was an entrepreneur. For me there is nothing more exciting than turning a passion into a project.

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Henry Ford says that, “anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.” Learning new things keeps me humble and excited for the next thing.

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Cool projects I worked on in college.

Stakeholder Risks Associated with Technological Change in 2018.

International Affairs of the Internet
Professor: Ross LaJeunesse:

Global Head of International Relations for Google

داعش تستخدم الإنترنت

Final Project : How ISIS uses the Internet:  Middlebury College in Jordan

Final Project Award Winner

Analysis of Airbnb’s Cuba Strategy

Global Strategic Management
Professor: Sanjay Patnaik:

Professor of  Management & Public Policy

Ho Chi Minh City Zero Fatality and Smart City Proposal Powered by SFDC.

Transportation Geography
Professor: Deepak Gopalakrishna:

Lead Principal Transportation Engineer at ICF

South Asia and Future of Travel Distribution.

Technology and Modern Geog of South Asia Professor: Aswin Subanthore: 

VP at Enodo Global

We Yalla

Weyalla.com is a travel tech startup that looks to revolutionize the modern travel landscape with the most convenient and affordable experience to date.

Companies That I have worked with.